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We’re Junkies
June 30, 2008, 11:15 AM
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Movie junkies that is. Because ever since I got a job, Ty and I have been going on date nights more often.It seems like I will be working on weekends more often than I would like, and the occasional times that I have to close during the week. My days are pretty much out of order in my head. But I am getting better at the job.  Whether it be we don’t want to cook or we want to see the latest movies- we are taking advantage of our evenings together. We saw the action movie “WANTED” and then the next day we went to a favorite Bennigan’s restaurant got a free dinner! Mostly because we waited 40mins for our food and missed our first showing. When the food came, it sucked! And they are usually very reliable. So then we decided to see “Wall E” ~AND WE LOVED IT~! It’s another keeper, and a good date movie. MOM go see it. Or else you are missing out.   


She’s Alive!
June 26, 2008, 6:11 AM
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I have been very sick with the awful stomach flu and I am almost out of the woods. I can eat and drink as much as I can but don’t ask me to run a mile. Ty is back home and things have been going fine. I finally cleaned the apartment and did the laundry and hopefully it is flu free for him. Work has been alright, and the people there are very nice. I’ll give it a few months. I’m not going to memorize meats for nothing!  And for the family’s enjoyment, we received our military ball pictures and will be sending them out for you. Until then, here are some updates over the past month that we have done:

This is us at the Military Ball

Before Ty left for those 2 weeks he went on a an all day hike with his platoon. 

I made some really good sugar cookies and cut a lot of fun shapes. Some dinos, letters, teddy bears, ect.

And THIS would be orange gatorade on sale, stocked in our pantry 


bye bye barbie
June 15, 2008, 9:22 AM
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As you can see.. the extensions are out. Yes they do look gross, that’s why they are out! Over the past week and a half I could barely brush my hair. The knots where so bad. I’m happy and sad at the same time. I can finally brush it, its smooth, not so thick…. but I forgot how short my hair really is. Plus because they were attached to my roots, I found out how much I damaged my hair. Sadly my hair is thinner now then before the extensions. But it was SO worth it. =)

7 days left!
June 14, 2008, 9:33 AM
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In 7 days Ty will be back home! But in 4 days I will be starting my new job. Thats right, I got a job. I will be working on post at the commissary in the bakery/deli section. It’s not fabulous but its money and another place to practice. 

So what have I’ve been doing since Ty is gone? Well the tv and I are best friends now..sadly. Also lots of cleaning and organizing. And a lot of baking. Like I said in the last post, I have been going cookie crazy. I made sugar cookies for Erica and sent them to her. I was happy to hear that they still tasted good. Then I made chocolate chip cookie dough, ate some of that (hehe) and froze the rest for whenever I feel like baking them off. I’ll admit, I think I need to back away from the sugar- it’s going to show. Otherwise I’m just my best to keep myself busy. 

Ty called me and said he’s proud of me. I guess I’m proud too for everything that got done without him. Yes, I can take care of myself, but dang it is so lonely over here. Its not like I have a child to nurture or a pet to spend time with. I’ve been talking to people on the phone and it helps. I just hope that I make friends and that Ty doesn’t leave too often. I’m used to a fast life in the city where the day would fly by. Until that time comes and my husband is home it will be me, my kitchen, and The Animal Planet. It has become my new favorite channel.

FYI. Ty took the camera so I don’t have any new fun pictures.. but I will soon!

Miss Independent
June 8, 2008, 10:44 PM
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Ty has left the building! He left yesterday for Fort Hood. Since it’s the weekend he hasn’t done much. Starting tomorrow he will be working and testing some “scout” stuff. Ty doesn’t tell me details about much that he does, mostly because I won’t remember. So I will be trying my best to really get to know El Paso. For the second day, I am pretty proud of myself. I got to church on time (yaya =) since I didn’t make it last time. Almost got my car fort bliss/texas approved but will finish it tomorrow. I got to Bed Bath and Beyond, found a Michael’s, a Starbucks and other places. I was excited because I have a fear of getting completely lost. The highlight of my day… 

100 cookie cutters!! =)

I finally got the 100 cookie cutters!!!!! Now I have 2 sets of the alphabet and everything else! Its going to be cookie crazy this week. 

When G.I. Joe meets girl…
June 4, 2008, 5:41 AM
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I think I have to start my new weblog with praise. I have to praise God that He saved me from what I might became 2 years ago. Instead I met my G.I. Joe, who God used to open my eyes to His power. A year and a half later I am now a newlywed Army wife. I couldn’t be more in love and nervous at the same time. Three days into being in El Paso, I had a little “freak out” with Ty about the little things that where on my mind. He held my hands and said “you don’t need to be embarrassed, ashamed, scared, or whatever. It’s me! It’s.. just.. me.” I felt the taste of marriage when remembering how much comfort we have in each other.

I won’t lie, I do not like El Paso. It’s in the 90s/100s during the day, 80s at night. The a/c is on 24/7.It is very windy here that is makes the windows shake and leaves layers of dirt on your car. There is no grass or barely any trees. Everything looks absolutely the same! I missed church this past sunday because I got so lost that I was already 40 minutes late. But it hasn’t even been a month yet so I’ll let this stuff grow on me.

Although, I found inspiration. I opened up my Bible and looked through Hebrews. I read chapter 11 and it was a wonderful reminder of how these men and women in the old testament has such faith in God in whatever and wherever He directed them. People are still telling me how crazy is it that I got married to the Army. Moving every 2-3 years to a new state, maybe new country. “what about Your career, friends, and things you enjoy??” As long as I have faith in my God, He will meet our needs. No matter how nervous I am.

Gee, Toto, I don’t think we are in California anymore