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when it rains…
July 28, 2008, 9:11 AM
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it floods. =P

This is the closest picture that I could get to describe the kind of weather that I have been having. Nothing but cloudy days and finally.. the storm. It started yesterday and when I woke up, I discovered leaking in 3 places..yikes! So now the apartment is such a mess because one of the leaks was in our cloest. The maintenance guy came and fixed them. So far so good. Tonight has been the worst of it since our apartment is next to the moutains. I got to see some lighting that was a little too close for my comfort. Like I said, when it rains.. it pours, and floods! El Paso/Fort Bliss doesn’t have a very good draining system so the streets are interesting for the next 24 hours.

I went back to the abundant living church again. I think I will continue going, I see no reason why not. I’ll just have to get used to all the “amen”s – and there are lot! 

 2 days left till I’m in California! see you guys soon


This Morning..
July 20, 2008, 11:43 PM
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I went to another church today. I went to Abundant Living which is a massive church that if you combine all 4 services there are about 15,000 people attending. I went to the 8:45 am so that I didn’t cut it too close to work. The place is huge! They have a whole other building for the children, and from the outside it looks like a fun house. The second you walk in you see 2 cafes and the book store. Their ushers are everywhere, and during the service I found that they are more security than anything. I’ve never seen a church so protected. Makes sense, of course, for the amount of people and the fact that their pastor seems to be very well known(Charles Nieman).  He spoke about marriage, where 2 becomes one. For the first time in a while actually liked the service. He does speak more on the blunt side. Over all I liked it. If anything, they say “Amen” hundred times. We’ll see what God does. =)

Let them eat cake
July 19, 2008, 9:41 AM
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Some people would use their days off from work as a time to relax.. well I have used mine as a time of baking! Ty is gone for yet another two weeks, this time at Fort Knox KY. So now I must distract myself. I bought materials for scrapbooking and I’m very excited to start that next week.

But most of all I wanted to try to make these “cupcake pops/bites” that I have been looking at for months. 

All credit goes to Bakerella. I think she has such cute ideas! Of course her presentation is much neater than mine. For my first time I think I did fine. I had no idea that it would take so long to finally finish it. Because it’s humid today I had to do a lot of chilling of the cakes once it was dipped in the chocolate. It’s rich, colorful, and a way use up a boring night. ps. Ty took the camera as usual so its me and the photo booth

Kiss the Cook
July 10, 2008, 10:17 AM
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So I have considered getting a second job. With that in mind, a visit to SoCal will have to wait. I am thinking that I wont go anywhere till september. Plus I think I am getting closer to actually decorating cakes at work. cross your fingers though! I have been using my free time for good- at least my taste buds think so. But my waist line is paying for it!

Homemade ravioli caprese which is basicly a chicken and cheese filled ravioli. The only change I made was the marinara sauce instead of the sauce in the recipe. 

Ty and I have been good cooking partners lately and made “Romua chicken” (Lawrence and Theresa’s recipe) and I made the mashed potatoes.

And for the dessert…. Snickers Chocolate Cake

The presentation is messy but it was so rich! I’m not going to use this frosting recipe again though, it harden too quick. Sometimes you can’t beat a standard gaunche. Theresa now makes fun of Ty saying that I’ll make him fat. Meh he won’t be the only one… this is what happens when I’m not required to bake during the day. I’m going to have to keep up with my crunches. My sweet tooth loves to rule the kitchen.

Last but not least, I will be scrapebooking again soon since now I have the dvd and proofs from the wedding. And I think it is so nice of her to give us this special packaging.

happy 4th of July!
July 5, 2008, 12:14 PM
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So what did we do for the holiday? we went SHOPPING =) thats right. We took advantage of the sales happening today so we checked out our wedding registry and bought the rest that we wanted, with the lovely help of the gift cards. Not only did we buy more kitchen supplies, but I got luggage for 60% off. ohhhh yea. I’ve also been a mad cook. check it out:

orange chocolate chip scones

lightly breaded chicken with french fries that we made with our fryer, and you can’t forget the tynertoppings.. cheese and BBQ sauce. Ty was a great helper

and for dessert- blueberry crumb cake -which is now a favorite in our home 

And of course you can’t end the holiday without some fireworks, and I was really looking forward to it

                         Did i mention that the firework show is in Mexico?….