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Heroes season 3!!!!
September 23, 2008, 7:08 AM
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So in the spirit of the new season kick off I decided to make a

mini cake in the Heroes logo

And I thought I could TRY the spray color to get that redish black look. I have never used this before and I found out that it works for cupcakes/frosting instead of fondant. 

I wouldnt want to eat it either. But, again, this was my first time using that junk. It almost looks like an apple. As I was cleaning I thought, dang i can’t wait till I can get some awesome cake skills and actually see my cake visions come to reality. Maybe one day….  

At least it tasted good. I made a red velvet cake with cream cheese layers. 

Oh and something completely random:

I tried on Ty’s gas mask.  


It’s that time again
September 15, 2008, 2:20 AM
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Ty will be leaving for Missouri for a little while but he’ll be home in time for the Heros season 3. hmmm I’ll be missing him as usual

2 years!!
September 13, 2008, 2:48 AM
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Today is our 2 year anniversary (since we met, not wedding) =)  Even though we feel like we have been together for much longer than that.

 Last night we attended another military ball in honor of AUSA membership and for 9/11. This was a much bigger crowd than last time. There was an awkward moment though, he arrived right when it started and found that seating was a problem. We ended up sitting with a table with two 1st Sergeants, two LT Colonels, a Major, and their wives. So if you don’t know ranks, we were with the important people. And I wasn’t nervous at alll (joking, I was scared to speak) But we had a good time. I learned a lot from talking to one of the wives who has been an Army wife for 19 years. They have spent most of their life in Europe, and truly some of the most middle of no where army bases.  One thing that Ty and I will keep in mind is that she encouraged us to have a family if we are ever stationed in Germany. She loved the experience and the exposure to her kids. We’ll see!!


 These were our favors 

It has been rainy lately, and the clouds have been so pretty next to the mountains. We might not have a backyard but at least we have a nice view

The big day!
September 8, 2008, 10:31 AM
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Monday is only a few hours away and then I start my new job. Im excited and nervous cause it’s new and I really hope I can improve on my piping so that I do a good job for them. Wish me Luck!!  CookiesByDesign