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nine eleven
September 11, 2009, 1:28 PM
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I haven’t yet gone on post to see if anything is different on this particular day. I might see a banner that says “remember your fallen comrades” or “thank a solider today.” There’s a good chance that while Ty is out, they would ask for a moment of silence. And in the that moment I can only imagine what goes through some of their heads. They might think of their family back home.. remembering a friend they lost.. their last deployment and future deployments. Ty has not been deployed for the last 6 years. As a private he first went to Korea for a year. Then went to Iraq in 2002 for only 6 months because we were in the war. Heres the only picture I found of him.
Back then he actually asked to go back but they rather have him stay and train soldiers. From there he was a recurter for 3 years in california (when we met) and another 3 years here in texas. Ty was not able to be deployed this whole time until this month. The code has been lifted so when it comes time to move, all is in God’s hands.


Yellow ribbons will never be looked at the same. I have 2 magnet ones on my car. One for him and one for me. I may not be a soldier, but I too play a role in his career. Those magnets will always be there. This is for all those who are still waiting..

The phone rings and she smiles
To the welcomed, familiar tone
Of the loved one that she longs for
In her silent, lonely home
There may be friends all around her
And family she adores
But she waits in anticipation
For her lover to walk through the door
His voice still melts the heart he holds
His words still reach her soul
His promises remain true to her
“I’ll never let you go…”
Each minute passes quickly
The phone calls short, but sweet
As she holds back the tears from the man she loves
And prepares herself for another week
She embraces the memories each day without him
Still cries herself t o sleep
She smiles through the yearning for the man that she swore
To love…honor… and keep
Through the good times full of laughter
And the months without him by her side
She’ll proudly serve as his true love
Honored to be a soldier’s bride.

By Hilary Eckholt


Afraid of the dark?
September 5, 2009, 3:06 PM
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Ty came back for a night the other day because they had to reset the program that they are using. Everyone got to come back and enjoy a night in their own bed. Ty took some fun pictures through their night vision goggles.

I am also on day 13 of my detox. I’ll admit that I haven’t been following it exactly but enough to make my body wake up and change. I’ve lost 6.5 pounds. Losing another 3-5 pounds would be nice but if I don’t I won’t complain. If you think “why would I need to lose weight?” well as a reaction to my birth control it was slowly shutting down (in a way) my metabolism. I gain 15 pounds and 5 pounds slipped off once I stopped taking it. And I am doing well by going through the process of removing toxins and going back to the way I used to be. I have another week left so by the time Ty is back for good I should be a happier woman!

Happy Labor Day weekend!!