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November 10, 2009, 5:20 PM
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It’s not even the middle of November yet I am planning for Christmas. I have found that it is sooo much more enjoyable to give people presents when they are right next to you. You buy/make the gift, wrap it up in pretty paper and hope to see a big smile to light up their face. Now this will be my first Christmas without any family (still trying to get used to the thought) so I must send gifts through the mail. The trick is you end up spending anywhere from $40-$100 in shipping fees. I am trying to find a slick ninja way to pull this off so that’s why I’m starting now. Many people, including a certain someone, thinks that christmas is just an excuse to spend money. Although I do not consider Christmas a hallmark holiday, such as Valentines day, but I am looking forward to the challenge of sending nice gifts to my lovely family members.

PB100367 Here are my sunglasses that I have owned for at least 3 years.. by the way they were $12. They are peeling on the sides and scratched in every way possible. New sunglasses are on the top of my list. Honestly I wouldn’t know what kind of glasses look good on my face. Any suggestions would help

Also I just got done reading my new book and I feel so enlighten. I think every woman should read this and you’ll be surprised with what you learn. I am not embarrassed to talk about this subject since it is so important! It is a pretty thick biology book and very worth your time. You would be learning so much about how God created your body. Whether you are trying to get pregnant or trying out a natural way of birth control (what I’m doing) or simply wanting answers to why you feel the way you do, you’ll benefit. There are side effects to everything you put in your body esp birth control. Some women do need it for pain control or regulating themselves but your chances of health problems increase. Do you really want to risk yourself of having infections, breast cancer or osteoporosis? There are more cancers present today than I can count. So many of them are from toxins. Why not take some time and look for a different route. You’ll be happy you did.


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Just want to say, I love ya!

Comment by mom

Hey Girl – I love this book. I do have to say that the bio is thick, and you have to be soooo careful to do exactly what it says or you’ll end up preggers (our first baby!), but it’s a really good deal! 😉

Comment by Shannon

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