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Chicken vs. Turkey
November 16, 2009, 9:57 PM
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For those who haven’t spent much time with Ty, you need to know that he only eats chicken. The occaissional  hamburger  and shrimp slips in but other wise Ty eats chicken almost every single day.  In about 10 days thanksgiving will be here. I haven’t even gone shopping for the day! This will be my first thanksgiving without any family but maybe with a friend or two. Good chance it might just be Ty and I but either way I need to get going on a meal plan. So I tell Ty about my ideas of a fun, maybe non traditional foods or ways of making the food. The first thing he says to me is “Do we have to have turkey? Whaaaaaa?  It’s called Turkey Day for a reason. Only because society says we have to eat turkey that day. NOooo.. the pilgrims said we have to.” I only eat turkey (from the bird not deli meat) on Thanksgiving. My traditions might change since I have my own marriage and family, one day, but the turkey will not go. The battle is on!!

    Serving Size

  1. This guide uses the USDA given numbers for 100 grams of breast meat for both chicken and turkey. This guide assumes raw breast meat that still has the skinin tact, and has yet to be cooked.
  2. Calories

  3. Turkey is the low-calorie option when looking for the lowest calorie count. One serving of turkey has 125 calories, while one serving of chicken has 172.
  4. Fat

  5. Chicken has more fat, per serving, than turkey. One serving of chicken has 9 grams of fat, while turkey only has 3 grams. To remove more fat from the food, remove the skin from the breast.
  6. Cholesterol

  7. Chicken has a slight advantage over turkey when considering cholesterol intake. One serving of turkey has 23 percent of your daily recommended allowance, while chicken has only 21 percent.
  8. Protein

  9. Turkey has more protein per serving than chicken. One serving of turkey has 24 grams of protein, while chicken has 21 grams.


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