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A Merry Little Christmas
November 18, 2009, 12:04 AM
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We just found out that we going to have a very humble Christmas. Ty talked with the movers about when they can come get our things (army provides movers to pack up our stuff and get it out there) and since it’s around the holidays.. well.. they will be coming on the 22nd of December. All we will have is what we can fit in my car. The army can no longer transport a car along with our things if you are stationed in the United States. So we will look into a civilian transportation of Ty’s car to NC. Please pray something can come through with that! Driving 2-4 days straight is hard enough. I will still have a christmas tree- the army can’t take that away from me! I can still celebrate Christmas even without a bed or microwave.


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Get a big tree this year, keep the christmas lights on, and sleep under it. Priceless.

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