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We’re getting closer!
December 13, 2009, 8:08 PM
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We are at the 2 week mark till we move and we have to get organized! Even though the movers will be packing and loading everything for us.. I still need to get everything in order.

According to my book here I need to:

1. arrange and close any bank accounts that I have since certain states have different rules.

2. Get our cars inspected, change the oil, and just make sure they will operate well over the 4 LONG day drives. Also weigh them so that we can get allowances from the army.

3. Start on our change of address forms.

4. Have our kitchen pantry/refrigorganized so we know what to eat and what we can pack. I hate throwing away food so our neighbor said that whatever we have left over he’ll take. Sounds good to me!

5. Clean out our closet/ bathroom/guest room (that one might be tricky since Ty doesn’t like throwing away any of this stuff)

6. Pick up all my medical forms

As of now Ty and I are driving both our cars. Even though I researched my heart out about finding a good deal on transporting his car.. we will still be wasting more money that way. My car is actually only a 4 cylinder so it can’t tow his. And even if it could- we would eating up more gas. ┬áSo can good driving music suggestions would be great =)