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February 2, 2010, 3:47 PM
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Okay I know I haven’t blogged in forever but now is better than never

Well I’m not so sick of moving since I haven’t done it that much.. but I am getting sick of not being able to find things since a lot of stuff is still in boxes. I’m having a hard time unpacking because we don’t have a place for everything like we did in our old apartment- which had built in shelves in such. Also let me remind everyone that I came into this marriage with nothing but my car filled with clothes/kitchen supplies/wedding gifts and i think that’s about it. So when i look through all these boxes I shake my head. One thing is for sure, if the end of the world does happen in 2012 you should stick with Ty. It’s like a preparation for Red Dawn in our guest room. I’m trying my best to move him along with going through it all and get rid of anything we don’t use- or have too many copies of them. But I have a feeling I’ll never get him to part.

Earlier this week I told myself, and to Ty, that I don’t want to live in bachalor pad looking apartment. We do want new couches, a new entertainment center, bedroom set, dinning room table, rugs, haha am I forgetting anything else? I figure I can try to sell the couches and the extra frig we have, the small dinning table,  and maybe anything else that people would want. But I don’t have an idea about how to do this right.  Ebay? CraigsList? any tips would help.


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you are hysterical 🙂 You might get more replies if you link this to a fb post…..
Plus, I have no idea how to sell stuff. arrgh!

Comment by mom

Your mom is right you are to funny. Sell it on craigslits, go to and select post to classified then select for sale, then the appropriate category then you will need to make an account with them, after that fill out the form and post pictures of the items being sold. You can have people contact you by E-mail or phone. Craigslist is amazing. It is like an online yard sale.
Miss you and love you lots!!

Comment by Jessie

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