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Afraid of the dark?
September 5, 2009, 3:06 PM
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Ty came back for a night the other day because they had to reset the program that they are using. Everyone got to come back and enjoy a night in their own bed. Ty took some fun pictures through their night vision goggles.

I am also on day 13 of my detox. I’ll admit that I haven’t been following it exactly but enough to make my body wake up and change. I’ve lost 6.5 pounds. Losing another 3-5 pounds would be nice but if I don’t I won’t complain. If you think “why would I need to lose weight?” well as a reaction to my birth control it was slowly shutting down (in a way) my metabolism. I gain 15 pounds and 5 pounds slipped off once I stopped taking it. And I am doing well by going through the process of removing toxins and going back to the way I used to be. I have another week left so by the time Ty is back for good I should be a happier woman!

Happy Labor Day weekend!!


What’s the Field?
August 28, 2009, 2:12 AM
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It has only been a week of Ty being gone. Although I did get to sneak him away last sunday for one night. It was nice! But I have decided to show some pics of Ty while he’s in the field. FIY I did not take any of these pictures; I’m not allowed to see him and barely talk to him. These are from his previous times a few months ago. Ty has been going back and forth to the field since May. While he is out there he tests weapons and helps train other soldiers strategies for when they go Iraq (or war in general) They go to a place called White Sands, NM and it looks similar to Iraq. Ty’s role has been to be the “bad guy” and sometimes that involves dressing up like one
0276 copy

But he is not alone.. everyone else has to as well
0271 copy

One of the things they have to do is hid and make the “good guys” try to find them. They can go any where they like. So they hid in caves

0237 copy

0257 copy
0280 copy

Oh yea, and the guys looking for them are the Black Hawks (far away black dots)

0255 copy

He might be gone a lot but he does his job well. These guys are in 100 degree weather and they are out there all day. But at least his job isn’t boring. I love it when he comes home telling me fun stories.  My hero ❤
0232 copy

And even after a long day of training men to be at war you can still look up at the sky and know that God is protecting you.
0273 copy

It’s that time again
September 15, 2008, 2:20 AM
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Ty will be leaving for Missouri for a little while but he’ll be home in time for the Heros season 3. hmmm I’ll be missing him as usual