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What’s the Field?
August 28, 2009, 2:12 AM
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It has only been a week of Ty being gone. Although I did get to sneak him away last sunday for one night. It was nice! But I have decided to show some pics of Ty while he’s in the field. FIY I did not take any of these pictures; I’m not allowed to see him and barely talk to him. These are from his previous times a few months ago. Ty has been going back and forth to the field since May. While he is out there he tests weapons and helps train other soldiers strategies for when they go Iraq (or war in general) They go to a place called White Sands, NM and it looks similar to Iraq. Ty’s role has been to be the “bad guy” and sometimes that involves dressing up like one
0276 copy

But he is not alone.. everyone else has to as well
0271 copy

One of the things they have to do is hid and make the “good guys” try to find them. They can go any where they like. So they hid in caves

0237 copy

0257 copy
0280 copy

Oh yea, and the guys looking for them are the Black Hawks (far away black dots)

0255 copy

He might be gone a lot but he does his job well. These guys are in 100 degree weather and they are out there all day. But at least his job isn’t boring. I love it when he comes home telling me fun stories.  My hero ❤
0232 copy

And even after a long day of training men to be at war you can still look up at the sky and know that God is protecting you.
0273 copy


Tis the season
December 2, 2008, 11:50 AM
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Our first christmas has husband and wife! We are starting the decorations by setting up the tree and hung our first ornament that I gave him last year. I almost cried. He and I are going decoration shopping when we have the time and I’ll show more of that later



Us ice skating in California

And they’re off!
November 1, 2008, 7:43 AM
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Ty completed the Rio Grande Marathon last sunday. It was 26.2 miles and he finished it in 4 hours and 34 minutes. That is awesome!! This was his first marathon and even though he says he won’t run one again we’ll see….

It was in Las Cruses on a bright sunny day. He and everyone else was a trooper for running in that heat. It started at 8am and I got there around 11am to wait for him at the finish line. Even for those who have ran marathons before said that this was a tough run. The altitude surprised people, along with the trail. Instead of running on streets they had to run on dirt paths and such. There wasn’t a large amount of people there. This marathon was more for your own gain rather than supporting for an organization. And according to Ty- he’ll never forget this.

Here is Ty jogging the last lap with Sgt. Noris for support (one of the two guys he did this with)

Ty finished third in his age group. He won a little tribal doll that now sits in the living room

Tired and ready to go home.. they all did soo great! 

PS. Happy Halloween! Ty and I are staying in. I have work in the morning so we are watching scary movies and waiting for trick or treaters. Enjoy the weekend!

body moving
October 9, 2008, 10:15 AM
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Here are some more Parkour movies that Ty has been doing. Enjoy

2 years!!
September 13, 2008, 2:48 AM
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Today is our 2 year anniversary (since we met, not wedding) =)  Even though we feel like we have been together for much longer than that.

 Last night we attended another military ball in honor of AUSA membership and for 9/11. This was a much bigger crowd than last time. There was an awkward moment though, he arrived right when it started and found that seating was a problem. We ended up sitting with a table with two 1st Sergeants, two LT Colonels, a Major, and their wives. So if you don’t know ranks, we were with the important people. And I wasn’t nervous at alll (joking, I was scared to speak) But we had a good time. I learned a lot from talking to one of the wives who has been an Army wife for 19 years. They have spent most of their life in Europe, and truly some of the most middle of no where army bases.  One thing that Ty and I will keep in mind is that she encouraged us to have a family if we are ever stationed in Germany. She loved the experience and the exposure to her kids. We’ll see!!


 These were our favors 

It has been rainy lately, and the clouds have been so pretty next to the mountains. We might not have a backyard but at least we have a nice view

Ty’s world
August 27, 2008, 7:25 AM
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Well I figure I should let everyone know what Ty has been up to within the past month of August..

He got the newer game called “call of duty 4” on xbox 360. You can connect it to the internet while playing on the tv. That way you can play with your friends from different places. The other day he told me that one night he’s going to play with the platoon. I came home from work with him like this…  

For the past few weeks, Ty was put on the color guard for the Change of Command ceremony. He had the position of holding the american flag. This is him with the others practicing. The ceremony went well and he was happy that its over… his arms can finally take a break

Since the beginning of the month Ty has been taking Parkour lessons at a local gym. The classes are on sunday mornings for about 3 hours. He’s loving it and catching on quicker than people usually do. This is something he wanted to try years ago. He is doing a Reverse Dash then Cong and the Dash. He makes it look easy.

happy 4th of July!
July 5, 2008, 12:14 PM
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So what did we do for the holiday? we went SHOPPING =) thats right. We took advantage of the sales happening today so we checked out our wedding registry and bought the rest that we wanted, with the lovely help of the gift cards. Not only did we buy more kitchen supplies, but I got luggage for 60% off. ohhhh yea. I’ve also been a mad cook. check it out:

orange chocolate chip scones

lightly breaded chicken with french fries that we made with our fryer, and you can’t forget the tynertoppings.. cheese and BBQ sauce. Ty was a great helper

and for dessert- blueberry crumb cake -which is now a favorite in our home 

And of course you can’t end the holiday without some fireworks, and I was really looking forward to it

                         Did i mention that the firework show is in Mexico?….